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Mt. Shasta Retreats

Find Yourself and Your Soul

Come to beautiful sacred area of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  These retreats are specifically designed for the indiviual who wants to find balance, and learn to escape from any negative energy.  Each day you will be guided with a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment ( Japanese healing art, similar to acupressure), learn about energy and how to honor yourself, let go and re-balance your mind, body and soul.  We will take easy hikes and enjoy nature.  There will be daily lessons and discussions on how to live a better, more positive life.  You will also have plenty of alone time so you can get quiet within, breathe and do whatever you desire.  These retreats are about getting back to the basics. There will be no electronics allowed during your visit, so you can fully detoxify your energy.  You will leave feeling rejuvenated and at peace, plus you will have tools to help you succeed when you return home.

Kim will be sharing and teaching from the chapters of her book The Invisible Mirror  that has just been released to the public. 

These are small retreats with a max of 8 people for optimal focus & healing.  

You will be staying in the small town of McCloud at a bed and breakfast inn, surrounded by the forest.  Rooms are reserved on a first come first served basis with paid deposit, you have a choice on where you would like to stay from small very basic room with queen bed and shower,  basic room with kitchenette or an upgraded spacious queen bedroom.

So sign up early! 

Next retreat is Sept 25th-29th 2019

Stay and relax for 5 days and 4 nights.  The cost for this retreat is $600 , $725 or $850 depending on the hotel and room you choose.  All rooms include a hot breakfast daily.

We are accepting deposits now,- $200 is required to hold a space.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to sign up.

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Retreat Reviews

Lynn S. - South Lake Tahoe, CA

Kim’s Mt Shasta retreat is a truly enjoyable learning experience! The JSJ sessions and daily lessons/discussions provide immediately usable information and tools for bringing peace and balance into your life and becoming more positive. The hiking and connecting with nature teaches you how to re-energize and to be still and listen to your soul. I walked away with a sense of peace and calm and with ways to reclaim grounding and balance in my life.

Angela V. - Grass Valley, CA

Kim, your retreat grounded me. And I just want to tell the world what I learned!  •        Listen to Mother Nature! She is speaking to you, always. •        Hold Your Fingers and Carry On! •        LET GO OF THE ROPE-don’t play Tug o’ War with Life •        Always react in Love, WITH Love  Being a soul Warrior means to think of Myself before others, at least in my time of need. Life is a battle and we need to stay strong, take our breathers and feed our souls. I left the retreat as a Warrior of the Heart, remembered the lessons above, and learned how to Garden my SOUL. Folks: Tend your Soil, Pull your Weeds, Nurture your Seedlings and enjoy the fruits and flowers of your labor.    ~MAKE TIME TO WALK THRU YOUR SOUL GARDEN~ I can’t wait  for the next one, I know I have so much to learn. I can’t imagine what the next lessons will be.

Linda A. - Roseville, CA

I loved this retreat! It provided a unique opportunity to study energy, practice it's principles, and learn how it profoundly impacts daily life. Held in a gorgeous setting and with Kim's mindful guidance, my body/mind/energy felt recharged and realigned. I left with a content and happy Soul!