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Body & Soul Therapies

Where the healing begins for your MIND, BODY & SOUL!

Where the healing begins for your MIND, BODY & SOUL!

Where the healing begins for your MIND, BODY & SOUL!Where the healing begins for your MIND, BODY & SOUL!Where the healing begins for your MIND, BODY & SOUL!


In today's world EVERYONE needs self-care.  The stress levels are way too high with technology, extra activites, media, work or school pressures, and daily demands we are all suffering, even our children do not know how to relax.  People are out of balance.  It  is time to stop, breathe and honor yourself!  Here are some easy ways you can start helping yourself.

Daily Self-Care

Jin Shin Jyutsu - simple finger holds

The beautiful thing about Jin Shin Jyutsu is that you can do it to yourself!

You can start to bring healing and relaxing energy to yourself by simply holding your fingers.  

(I recommend doing this everyday- think of it as your daily dose on energy like a multi-vitamin to help keep you in balance.)

To begin take 3 slow deep breaths

- choose one hand to hold, or if you can do both hands.

- with your other hand gently grip a finger from the opposite hand.

- hold each finger for roughly 2 mins. or longer if you would like.

- hold all the fingers of one hand, and then place the finger tips of the holding hand into the center of the opposite hand that you were working on into the palm see the "X" mark for 2 mins.

- take 3 slow deep breaths again to finish.

You can do this anytime throughout your day,  just complete one hand daily.  If you do this at bedtime it will help put you to sleep, and most of the time people will fall asleep before they finish holding all of their fingers and that is fine.

When you look at this hand chart you will see that each finger has a negative attitude associated to it as well as different organs of the body.  If you are having any issues with any of these attitudes or any organ related problems.  Hold those fingers more often to help yourself.


Understanding Jin Shin Jyutsu / JSJ

This art form works on the energy pathways within the human body.  Energy blockages can happen on these pathways from various reasons; diet, attitudes, lifestyles , medications or injuries can cause energy to slow down or be diverted which will lead to minor or even major problems somewhere in the body.

JSJ can help undo the blockages. 

This video shows the benefits of JSJ from medical doctors with cancer patients.

More Self Help with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Follow this link for more help on specific areas or needs


This link will take you to JSJ corp. website where it covers different ailments from back, shoulders,eyes, sleep, digestion  issues and much more...


Trinity Balance


JIN SHIN JYUTSU® literally translated is:   

JIN - Man of Knowing and Compassion 

 SHIN - Creator

 JYUTSU - Art 

(Art of the Creator through man of knowing and compassion)

Put your hands on your body.


By simply holding wherever the issues are for 2 min. minimum with both of your hands you can start to help yourself ... Do these holds as often as you can until the problems are gone.

Meditation and Breathing

Do this daily or at least twice a week.

Lay down or sit in a confortable chair. Close your eyes and start taking 9 slow deep breaths, just feel your breath come in and out of your body.

On the next 9 breaths visualize when you exhale all that is stressing you and release all negative energy from your body. As you do this also relax your body more and more with each breath. 

On the next 9 breaths image yourself floating on a cloud and with every inhale think about taking in warm loving postive energy, like a big hug.  Each time you breath feel yourself getting lighter and lighter.

On the last 9 slow deep breaths, just  again feel your breath come in and out of your body.

When you are finshed slowly open your eyes and move your feet and hands. You have just completed 36 breaths which will re-set you and bring balance to your; mind , body and soul.

This simple meditation will only take you 15 mins. but hopefully you can stay and relax for longer. 


Easy liver Cleanse

Spring water & organic lemon juice

Detox your Liver

The liver is the largest filtering organ in your body, so it is very important to keep it functioning properly.

Do this for 8 days every 2 to 3 months

- You need 10oz cup of warm or hot bottled spring water (I prefer Crystal Geyser brand in the large gallon containers).  Do Not use the mirowave to warm your water for it changes the structure of the water) 

- Add 2 tablespoons on freashly squeezed organic lemon juice into the water.

- You can also add fresh slices of ginger and/ or 1 teaspoon of organic raw honey  if you would like.

Do this a half hour in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.

While doing this cleanse you should reduce or eliminate all; alcohol, caffeine and sugar for 8 days.

Whole Body Stretching


This is very important for keeping yourself in balance.

You do not have to go to a yoga class to stay flexible and release stored up stress and tighness in your body.  Simply spend 30 mins once or twice a week.  Take a few deep breaths before you begin this helps to oxygenate the muscles. Start at your neck and work your way down to your ankles making sure to stretch or rotate each area of your body. 

Suggestive Stretch List- do all of these stretches slowly.

Start in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart. (Always hold a stretch for roughly 8 secs.)

1. slow neck circles ( 3 full circles in each direction)

2. turn your head to the right and hold for 8 secs and then to the left for 8 secs. and repeat once.

3. Shoulder circles (5 times each direction)  to the front and then to the back.

4. Wrist circles ( 5 times each direction).

5. Tricep pulls- take right arm over right shoulder and use your left hand  on right elbow to push arm back slightly. Do the same to left arm, and then repeat once.

6. Put your hands on your waist and then bend forward hold for 8 secs. Now to your right side and hold, then back and hold, then left side and hold, repeat twice.

Continue stretching.  Do what feels good to you and your body as you continue all the way down your body.

20. lastly ankle circles, really stretch these good. ( 5 circles in each direction.)